Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cafe Journal, the first draft

Ok, this is still an idea in infancy.

  • Its a journal- an art journal, but ot necessarily for extensive art.
  • It can be just mine or be travelling, in that it will be mailed to people in other parts of the world and they will contribute.
  • The essential idea is this:
  1. it will necessarily have journal and art entries done in cafes.
  2. sketch people around you.
  3. include overheard conversation.
  4. draw the logo of the cafe, include a picture if you like, the address of the cafe.
  5. rate what you ordered and what you liked best about the place.
  6. take it to one cafe or as many as you like.
  7. maybe set aside 2hours a week to visit a new cafe and do the entry. or visit the same one several times.

when i have more on this, i will post. meanwhile, if you have anything to say, do say it! :)


Devil Mood said...

It's so sweet!
But you need some time in your hands. I'm a terrible sketcher, otherwise I'd join you.
Plus most cafes around here are depressing as hell!!

MAHIMA said...

cafe's around me are, as of now, entertaining and often peaceful and enriching. allowing for perfect quiet time to write.sketch/doodle. :)

Jen said...

cafe...what's a cafe? just kidding..we have lots of restaurants..but some might qualify. I love the idea. once complete, it might make a very interesting and unique book...Congratulations on your recent graduation!..I'm happy for you Mahima

soul curry said...

is this what the travelling journals going to be like?? pl email me coz im lost as to what you want in the journal...

Sue McGettigan said...

This is such a fun journal idea - it carves out some reflective journal time and a little refeshment too, cool!

Lulu said...

Good for people to know.